Transportation of non-dangerous bulk liquids


A flexitank is a bag used for the transportation of non-hazardous bulk liquid cargo, fitted into a standard container being a more cost effective option.

Our flexitanks are one of the safest and most resistant in the market. They’re fabricated with high quality materials, all with compliance of FSSC 22000 certification.

The film is food-grade approved, any kind of foodstuff can be loaded. It counts with the following approval certifications: FSSC 2200, HACCP, FDA, GBA, EU, KOSHER, HALAL, among others, guaranteeing the loading without any risk of harming the cargo or causing damage to the container.

Pioneers in Using Flexitanks in Mexico

We can proudly say that 15 years ago we were the first company who shipped flexitanks with non-hazardous liquids in Mexico.

Our highly qualified staff is constantly receiving training to keep up to date in order to coordinate their operations smoothly and risk-free.

All of the certifications our flexitanks comply with, guarantee their quality, strength and resistance.


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