Expertos en Logística de Transporte.

Ground Freight

Our most important goal is to help you find the right freight transportation service for your Cargo offering you our utmost security and service quality, accomplishing with norm SCT.

Specialized transport units for cargo tansportation:

  • Container holder.
  • Platforms 40' and specialized equipment
  • Dry Boxes 48' and 53.
  • Food-grade pipes.
  • Pipes for dangerous goods.


Specialized transport units for cargo tansportation:

  • Personalized customer attention.
  • Technical support at loading and delivery locations.
  • Integral and inmediate solutions.
  • Container storage in container yards.
  • Transport units not older than 3 years .
  • Storage facilities of goods in a roofed 10 000 m2 and unroofed 100 000 m2 warehouse.
  • One-Way Service for Containers.
  • Surveillance 24/7.
  • Safe Container Yards with CCTV, illumination and surveillance.
  • Live-Video in all units.
  • GPS and GPRS Tracking.
  • Save money for our clients.

Let´s become business partners, we help you to suceed.