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For Transportation for dangerous goods.

Experts in Logistics of Isotanks

For Transportation for dangerous goods.


Euromex provides safe, economic, integral and quick logistics solutions.

Our team takes care of your merchandise and requirements for the safe transport of your cargo.

Each tank we operate has its ISO certification, certificate ASR and AIR. Inspections of the tanks can be done anytime.

Each tank movement, including chosing a tank, performing maintenance, doing tests, is background-checked to ensure that our standards remain high and that our clients can always explore the best options for their shipments.

Each tank is insured which reduces possible risks of the operation.

Euromex has the perfect tracking system for tanks and can provide the actual location of the tank, anytime, anywhere.


Each Isotank is separately insured. Euromex has the necessary instruments to confirm the exact position of each Tank to their clients.

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